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MY WORK is drawing based and I have a love of line as well as texture and colour. I like to work from observation but also to experiment with collage and different media to create surface interest and mood. I work in both oil and soft pastels, drawing media and paint: acrylic, oil, gouache and watercolour, and with a variety of techniques. 
I STUDIED for a Degree in Graphic Design/Illustration and have been involved in group exhibitions, arts trails and in teaching drawing and painting. 
My work is inspired by nature and landscape,old harbours and inland waters, and much of my work has been created on visits to Cornwall and Devon, travels to France and Italy. Architecture is also an inspiration for drawing and Bath is an ideal subject, as are the old villages around. 

I HOPE YOU FIND SOMETHING TO INTEREST YOU and my contact details are shown in case you do!


-Bath based artist----contact me on 01225 837914











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