Linda O'Gorman-mixed media artist


Gallery Overview


   In my last degree project, I began to experiment with monoprint processes, particularly in the drawing of architectural subjects. The line and texture created by the oil paint is very effective for that subject matter. My method of working is to roll oil paint thinly onto a board, and to lay paper on top. Draw onto the paper, gradually producing a reverse image of the subject. It is possible to then work into the drawing further with oil pastels, even pen/ink, pencils etc. (See examples in 'monoprints')I have tried this technique with other subjects and it works well with anything with strong linear qualities.
 There are other 'printing without a press' techniques that can be used to produce single, printlike images. Another I have experimented with is called 'ink resist' , using white gouache on heavy watercolour paper. This lends itself to linear, patterned images very well. the gouache is used as a resist, and black ink painted all over the paper. the gouache is then washed off to leave the black ink lines. again it can be worked into with other media.
I like to use mixed media, depending on the subject matter, and the texture required. Watercolour with soft pastel, oil bars over acrylic paint, oil pastels used as resist to water based paint, pen/ink over acrylic base. Its fun to use other material for texture; tissue paper, colour pencil shavings, salt crystals, even crochet! Frottage is another fascinating technique, and I admire the work of Max Ernst in this area.
My portrait commissions have been largely watercolour, pencil, pastel or acrylic, used in a more traditional way. I aim for a likeness of a person, but hope to capture essential quality of character also. I work both from life and photos for these commissions.

I have also worked on commissions of buildings with personal resonance : the church one customer was married in, Prior Park school and even a restaurant, much loved by its owner. These have been worked in monoprint and traditional watercolour media.( the painting 'No1 Royal Crescent' was produced to sell as a print, from the shop at the house) Bath Abbey was a particularly rewarding private commission.

Illustration work has been for art agencies, but was not published. The series of pen/ink drawings have still to find their ultimate purpose! Food illustrations using strong colouring, and mixed media were not used but I have sold one or two as finished artwork for framing.
I was asked by a budding author to work on illustrations for him, one of these is Green Street fish market. Over the years this business has changed hands, so this drawing has some historical interest.